Design customized products for customers

The design team of ENLiF products has many industrial experience for more than 10 years, including senior industrial designers, appearance designers and structural designers. ENLiF series products, with the design director of the design director of the international famous brand IKEA home life products, always carry out the design style of "Aesthetical and practical". There is a special designer of the chairman of the wave group of the Whampoa Military Academy of China industrial design, which has been designed for a daily household appliance product. With 56 national patents, the ENLiF series of products all have independent intellectual property rights, and the design director of famous design companies such as Rococo design, Chi Chi design and other well-known design companies make the ENLiF series more compatible with the needs of modern smart home life. The team is rich in experience. The product is 3C, audio, electronic, home and so on. It covers a wide range. In the past more than 10 years, there are countless successful cases, and have the excellent ability to make a series of exclusive customized development for the customers.

Custom design